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Shoals Sav-A-Life
doing business as Shoals Coffee Co Coffee Roasters
is sowing seeds of truth through a cup of coffee!

The packaging for four of the coffee products is designed by a talented local artist (Jason Fuller) to convey some of the wonderful attributes of the Shoals area and the people of the Shoals community who are so supportive in providing for Shoals Sav-A-Life. We want to tell the whole world how wonderful you are!


All profit from coffee sales goes right back towards funding the work we do to care for the needs of women and babies in the Shoals. 

In keeping with the “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth” model of ministry we are even more excited to make our coffee roasting business a multilayered endeavor by purchasing beans from women owned and operated coffee farms in other countries to help them care for their families as well. We have designated the Guatemalan coffee in the stork image bag to “pay the blessing forward” to other centers like ours across the U.S. by offering it to them to promote as a fundraiser for their centers too.

Did you know that a coffee bean is actually the seed from a coffee cherry? Even more interesting is that a coffee seed is also about the size of a 6 week old baby in its mother’s womb.  You can help us share the truth about the value of babies in the womb at all stages by drinking a cup of coffee roasted fresh for you by the staff of Shoals Sav-A-Life.  We roast it, bag it, and sell online and at local retail stores across the Shoals area.  So drink the coffee, wear the t-shirt and enjoy every minute, knowing that by drinking Shoals Coffee Co Coffee, you are saving lives in the Shoals, in the U.S, and around the world!  Check out our website to learn more!


Thank You!

We would like to thank all of the churches that support us in their monthly budget and in our bottle campaign. We are honored by your dedication to this ministry!

Shoals Women's Clinic

visit shoalswomensclinic.com a site designed to engage individuals facing an unplanned pregnancy and direct them towards our center (SSAL dba)

Our Staff

Executive Director:
Beth Grisham (256-577-8686)

Ashley Stockton

Client Services Coordinator:
Danielle Stokes

Nurse Manager:
Hannah Sumner, R.N.

Anthony Potts & Anna Borden

Shoals Sav-A-Life
(dba Shoals Women’s Clinic)
2201 Cloyd Blvd
Florence, AL 35630


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
9 am-5 pm
(last appt scheduled at 4 pm)
Tuesday 9-7
(last appt scheduled at 6 pm)

Note: The Lauderdale County School Schedule serves as our guide for closings related to inclement weather.