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The Hope Memorial was placed by Shoals Sav-A-Life in Tri-Cities Memorial Gardens located on Florence Boulevard in Florence.  This site is our gift to the community to serve as a place of comfort and hope for individuals who have lost a child. The Hope Memorial is a life size bronze statue featuring Jesus holding a child with a woman sitting beside Him. This child could be any child who has passed from this world for any reason…miscarriage, stillbirth, terminal illness, accidental death, or other causes.  Or maybe, this child is a child that Jesus watches over after being placed through adoption.  This woman could be any woman…the woman who lost the hope of a child before or shortly after birth, the woman who regrets her decision to terminate a pregnancy, or who grieves the life of child whose life was shortened due to illness or sudden death. Or once again, maybe she’s the woman who gave the gift of life to adoptive parents and finds hope in knowing Jesus is taking care of them all.  If you or someone you know has suffered a loss or has placed or received through the gift of adoption, please feel free to utilize this lovely, landscaped setting.  Memorial stones are available at the site through a donation to Shoals Sav-A-Life, but are not required for its use.